HAVA, the Harbor Association of Volunteers for Animals, is an all-volunteer group serving the animals of the Twin Harbors region of Washington state. The area we cover stretches roughly from Westport in the north to Bay Center in the south. It encompasses portions of Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties.

Mission Statement

HAVA provides a no-kill shelter for animals in need, whether homeless, abandoned, or abused, until a permanent, caring home can be found. HAVA also strives to provide resources and education to our community to support all local animal life.


A shelter is a safe haven -- not the last stop before death

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

We aim to embrace individual uniqueness and foster communities of inclusion that support both the broad and specific diversity initiatives of our organization.

HAVA was founded in Westport, Washington, by Shirley Brown, and operated for many years with a dedicated crew of volunteers. Following Shirley's retirement, HAVA went into a brief period of diminished activity. With the help of loving hearts old and new, the group was re-formed and is based in Raymond, Washington -- with volunteers in Westport, Grayland, Tokeland, Raymond, South Bend, Menlo, Bay Center and other communities.