The Dignity Endowment

The Dignity Endowment is a fund HAVA established to assist qualified low-income people with euthanizing a pet when they are elderly, ill, or injured and that is the best or only recourse for the pet.

As animal rescuers and advocates, our primary goal is always to alleviate suffering. We do this on many levels with providing food through our weekly Pet Food Bank, our spay/neuter assistance fund, and our Friskie Fund, which is dedicated to helping animals in an emergency situation needing urgent vet care. However, as a "No-Kill", we felt it important to set up a fund separate from the Friskie Fund and clarify the guidelines for this fund, which will be the same as those for our spay/neuter assistance program.

The average cost of euthanasia in Pacific County is $55 for a cat, and will vary by weight for dogs, $50-125. There are additional fees of $10-25 per pet depending upon what an owner chooses to do with the body. Unfortunately we are not able to offer assistance with cremation, as the goal for this fund is to make sure no animal has to suffer.

We hope you will join us in helping our community pets leave this world without prolonged pain. This is one of the final, and best, gifts we are able to provide our beloved companions when it's time.

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